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Please meet Paul Udoh, an outstanding young lawyer with a well-informed mind. A calm, confident and amiable person who during our time in Law School wrote an outstanding  judgment on admissibility of evidence gotten illegally.

Paul has achieved great things for himself: He emerged Best Oralist in the Gani Fawehinmi National Law Students Debate Competition hosted by his University. He proceeded further to represent Lagos State University at an International Moot Court Competition on International Environmental Law at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Thereafter, He represented Nigeria as a Counsel at the Price International Media Law Moot Court Competition at the University of Oxford,England. In 2013, He also participated in the International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Competition at Amity Law School, India and the International Maritime Law Moot Court Competition, India.

ybaPaul is our YBA this week. The aim YBA is to showcase young exceptional lawyers who are, or planning to specialize/form a niche for themselves in various areas of Law both in Nigeria and abroad. It will also showcase young Lawyers doing amazing things in our country.

I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Paul, in this interview, we see his role models in the legal profession and how he built interest in law.

BA: Hi Paul!

Paul: Hello

BA: Thank you very much for agreeing to do this interview with us.

Paul: The pleasure is all mine.

BA: Okay, so we have to ask you this, did you always want to study law?

Paul: No, I knew I was very poor in mathematics. I needed to study a course where my poor knowledge of mathematics wouldn’t haunt me down, and bingo! It was Law.

BA: How did you find your Law school experience to be?

Paul: Quite challenging but remarkable. One I wouldn’t forget in a jiffy. It was a whole new experience of getting exposed to the procedural aspect of Nigerian Law, making new friends from different backgrounds and the stress that came with the preparation for the Bar exam, in fact the thought of it still sends chill down my spine. In all, it was a great experience.

BA: You have achieved great things both home and abroad. What was your driving force?

Paul: Self – motivation and the desire to do something different apart from the regular classroom lectures, were the basic dynamics that propelled my progress. I also kept equally spirited friends who were self motivated themselves.

BA: Most of the competitions are moot court competitions. Are you a true lover of litigation?

Paul: Yes I am, I have always relished the idea of being in a courtroom advocating, challenging, pleading and arguing on behalf of a client. It is a beautiful thing when career and passion come together.

BA: What area of law do you take interest in or specialize in?

Paul: International Law and Corporate Law.

BA: How were you able to decide on the area of law to specialize in. were you inspired by any one in particular or did you do your research?

Paul: I wasn’t really inspired by anyone in particular. I just discovered I had a special interest in these aspects of Law, compared to the others. Then I did my research on them.

BA: Who is your role model in the legal profession?

Paul: Hon. Justice Niki Tobi JSC(Rtd). I’m blown away by his vast wealth of intellectual legal sagacity anytime I peruse his judgments. Exceptionally brilliant I must say!

BA: Do you have long-term goals? If so where do you hopefully see yourself in next 10 years?

Paul: In vague terms, my long term goal is to create a niche for myself in the legal profession. The picture of where I see myself in the next 10 years even amazes me myself.

BA: Thats amazing to hear. How then are you working on achieving those goals?

Paul: Diligently and consistently, making sure that my hard work is geared towards developing my corporate competence.

BA: If you don’t mind, can you give me a brief profile on where you work?

Paul: I work at Jusgate Solicitors & Partners, a full service law firm. The firm’s practice area include, Property Law, Insolvency, Insurance Law, Corporate and Commercial Law.

BA: Are you a member of any society or group in furtherance of your career?

Paul: I’m a member of the Nigerian Society of International Law.

BA: What are your hobbies?

Paul: Travelling, playing scrabble and listening to good music.

BA: Favorite book and movie?

Paul: My favorite yet are, The Fault in Our Stars and 3 Idiot.

BA: What advice would you give a law school student that you wish someone gave you?

Paul: Set down your academic goals in clear terms and make consistent daily efforts in achieving them.

BA: Thank you so much for taking this time out!

Young Bar Alpha recognises, praises and celebrates young Nigerian Lawyers! If you believe you ought to be recognised or somebody should be then visit the YBA Page

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