What Entrepreneurs Should Know About Taxation


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I was having a conversation with a close friend; for the purpose of this write-up I will call her Patra. Patra and I have been friends for over 5 years. We met while I was in my second year in University. She was one friend that did everything better than me, from being a star student to being the best club hopper and now as a business woman she was very successful. She is that friend that challenges me.

The other day while we discussed on the state of Nigeria, since that is all there is to talk about these days; from fuel scarcity, potential increase in VAT, Ben Murray-Bruce’s ‘Common Sense’ epistles to Governor Fayose’s outbursts about the APC government and its officials, I casually asked her if she paid her taxes.

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7 Things All Young Lawyers Should Know


I gathered these seven points from the amazing Michael Allen who presents this advice for new lawyers who have recently passed the bar. He shares with us the several hard-earned lessons he has learned and tips to offer the newest crop of lawyers as they begin to build their practice:

Number 1: Connect! Connect! Connect! 

That law degree was costly, but its cost is really a sliding scale depending on how effectively you leverage the connections you make, and keep, after law school. Law is not a strictly meritorious practice and from lateral job openings to partnership opportunities to client acquisitions, connections will open doors that would otherwise be unavailable. What does keeping up mean? Liking an old classmate’s status on Facebook is both passive and meaningless. Face-to-face time ensures that your interactions are both memorable and meaningful. Connections span a wide spectrum. You do not need to be best friends with everyone, but even getting lunch once a year with an old friend can be enough to maintain your connection. Continue reading “7 Things All Young Lawyers Should Know”

Top 5 Movies every Lawyer Must Watch!!!

So I had to share with you my own list of of must-see top  5 legal movies every lawyer must watch.

You can thank me later! Enjoy



Ted Crawford shoots his unfaithful wife, confesses to the police – orally and in writing – but then pleads not guilty and opts to defend himself in court. The young DA assigned to the case, Willy Beachum, has had a successful career with a 97% conviction rate. Beachum however is actually on his way to a lucrative position in a big private law firm, but his desire to win keeps him on the case. What ensues is a battle of wits between the two as Crawford systematically destroys his opponents case. Continue reading “Top 5 Movies every Lawyer Must Watch!!!”

YBA – Onoriode Reginald Aziza


I am pleased to introduce Onoriode Reginald Aziza. Upon his recommendation as a Young Bar Alpha I conducted my own research and boy was I amazed! He has done amazingly well for himself and after speaking to him I only hope I can show you how inspiring he is.

Reginald comes from Delta State, Nigeria. His Dad is a retired civil servant and his Mom is a Professor of Linguistics at Delta State University. He is a triple first-class lawyer, having made first class law degrees from the Obafemi Awolowo University, the Nigerian Law School and the University of Cambridge.

With over 25 academic awards (including the Faculty of Law Prize for the Best Student in the Faculty of Law OAU, the Mohammed Bello Prize for the Second Best Student at the Nigerian Law School, and the Wolfson College Jennings Prize for a Distinction on the Master of Corporate Law in Cambridge), he is fortunate to be in a rather privileged position in his career.

Called to the Nigerian Bar in 2013, Reginald is our YBA this week. The aim YBA is to showcase young exceptional lawyers who are, or planning to specialize/form a niche for themselves in various areas of Law both in Nigeria and abroad. It will also showcase young Lawyers doing amazing things in and for our country.


It was a pleasure speaking with him and in this interview, we see how he developed his passion for corporate law practice, alongside his natural flair for litigation and how he hopes to nurture it into a full blown legal career in time.

BA: Hi Reginald!

Reginald: Hello. Hope you are well?

BA: Very well thank you, and thank you very much for agreeing to do this interview with me.

Reginald: It is my pleasure. Thank you for having me on board, and congratulations on the fantastic job you are doing on this platform. It is deeply refreshing to see people like you who are willing to commend and celebrate the successes of your peers.

BA: First of all I would like to say a big well done on all your achievements,  you have really done well for yourself and you must be proud. What has been your driving force in all of this?

Reginald: Thank you for the commendation; although to be fair, I do not see it as a big deal. I believe my single driving force has been an unrepentant commitment to excellence. It is all I have ever wanted to do and be: excellent. As I have said and will always say, I am no genius and I certainly do not consider myself as naturally gifted or smart. I believe I have only been thirstier than most in pursuing excellence. I believe, as did Aristotle, that excellence is not an act but a habit. The pursuit of this habit of excellence has thus been my driving force. Continue reading “YBA – Onoriode Reginald Aziza”