_1446899291.83151_961BarristerChi is currently a student at the Nigerian Law School Bwari and she is passionate about the rights of Nigerian women, lack of youth employment and the inadequacy of the Nigerian Police Force.

She believes the level of illiteracy in the country is alarming and something ought to be done about it.

It is her intention to become a lawyer and actively make a change in the field.

In her spare time she loves to cook and she visits the motherless babies homes. She is currently a member of the Bwari Child Foundation (BCF) that sees law students visit, help and interact with children in the area.

Furthermore, she loves reading. If she’s not reading legal text, she’s reading anything written by an African writer, although Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is her all time favorite author.

With her expect posts on her experiences, thoughts and suggestions about her experience at the Nigerian Law School, relatable young lawyer sessions where her personality will shine through.