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judges are not empty vessels that the litigants fill with content.'.png

An inspiring quote by Donnelly J

In the Concept of Human Rights from Donnelly J, Universal human rights in theory and practice.


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“We canvass the view that law scholars in Nigeria should re-imagine the intellectual content and breadth of their fields of study. They should now be thinking of moulding and shaping future advocates who would have audience not only in Nigerian courts but also in the global community of courts “This is even more so since Nigerians are found in virtually all corners of the globe.

These Nigerians in the Diaspora are either engaged in transnational trades or businesses or other forms of endeavour. “The question may be posed: of what use would the Nigerian lawyer be to such global Nigerians  if the contract law curriculum, for example, does not transcend the traditional English Law assumptions?”

Justice Nweze of the Supreme Court of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

At the monthly meeting of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, Abuja branch


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In admiralty matters, the jurisdiction of a court to make an order for the arrest or release of a vessel, ultimately depends on the existence of an action in rem against such vessel. In other words, a person who seeks an order of court for the arrest of a vessel or who seeks security for the release of a vessel, must have a subsisting claim against such vessel.

The Court of Appeal in MT Delmar & Ors v MT “Ane (Ex “MT Leste”) & Ors

(Judgement delivered by  Chinwe Eugenia Iyizoba, JCA) on the 4th of March 2016


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“An effective criminal justice system is fundamental to the maintenance of law and order. Criminal justice, because it addresses behavioral issues, must be dynamic and proactive. … Consequently, many of the provisions are outdated and in some cases anachronistic. Besides, the loopholes in the laws and procedure have become so obvious that lawyers especially defense lawyers have become masters in dilatory tactics. It has thus, become increasingly difficult to reach closure of any kind in many criminal cases. Convictions or acquittals have become exceedingly rare”.

Professor Yemi Osinbajo, SAN [Former Attorney General of Lagos State] addressing the charges of the criminal justice system in Nigeria

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“If the seven most powerful nations stand with you, who can stand against you? I need not say more except that I can attest that PMB has been following up on these matters, and the progress on security is visible while results in the economic front will manifest soon enough.”

Babatunde Raji Fashola

Former Governor of Lagos State, Federal Minister Power, Works and Housing

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