About Bar Alpha


Bar Alpha is an idea that was launched in January 2015, backed by a team of passionate and aspiring lawyers to serve as an online guide and inspirational platform for  law undergraduates, students and young lawyers who are focused on becoming the future of Law.

The need for this platform has developed Bar Alpha from an idea to an axiom: The Bar Alpha Lawyer and the Young Bar Alpha who, by being exceptional will create an impact in their respective countries.

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.

Our Mission

Transforming, impacting and informing by:

Providing legal information, news, articles & opinions.

Providing mentorships and advice to young lawyers.

Aiding in the career development of young lawyers.

Creating a community of modern and focused young lawyers.

Aiding the unjustly incarcerated through Community Legal Service.

Developing legal careers through networking and educative symposiums.

Our Principles





We endeavour to cover all areas: Legal news and insight to keep you up to date with current affairs, Career development guides for law students and young lawyers also, Forums where you can share your experiences and have questions answered, Jobs and opportunities, Articles and Opinions and “The Lawyer Life” which focuses making the most of your career and daily inspiration,

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