The Bar Alpha Plan

We are living in an era of over-populated Lawyers and the fact is that the number of Lawyers churned out every year is increasing. Is every Lawyer as passionate about the law? What then stands you out from these numbers?

I started this blog because I had set goals for myself on what I wanted to achieve in 5 and 10 years in the legal field, but the means of achieving these goals seemed so hard for me. It was while I was looking up information and opportunities online that the decision came to me to create this blog. The way I sought out everyday to inspire and encourage myself, I wanted to share that with other young lawyers like myself

This blog is for ambitious and goal-oriented young lawyers. Those who understand that you have to stand out to be able to stand tall. You have to form a niche for yourself, and it starts by understanding that your state of mind has to change. To become successful you have to have a plan; not just career wise but in your life, your thinking has to change, what you read has to change. This is the Bar Alpha Plan.

The blog is not just going to be filled with legal information, there are many things to learn and many other ways to inspire ourselves. Together we can become the modified modern lawyer.

This is a platform that aims to help break bad habits and share practical solutions to everyday problems and provide inspiration that will benefit the young millennial faces.

My mission is to encourage young lawyers, even myself, to understand that we can achieve great things. Giving them great ideas on how to actively plan their careers, their lives and even their mindsets. Most importantly to feed the passion that we have for the Law

If you agree with me…Welcome to Bar Alpha!

 The Bar Alpha Plan 

1. The growth of our love for the Law

2. To cultivate the next generation of great Lawyers in Nigeria

3. To set and achieve our respective goals

3. To inspire people everyday in different aspects of their lives

4. To create a noticeable force in our country

Suggestions, articles, questions, etc. are always welcome. Please email us at

Adetutu A. Adetunmbi


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