I was scammed on LinkedIn…


Okay I was almost scammed on LinkedIn…

I contemplated whether I should keep this story to myself or maybe if I did share the story  I would keep the names of the parties out. I finally decided to share everything to prevent others from falling prey to this exact same scam. Mrs Rabi Rabiu Jimeta is the Permanent secretary at Federal Ministry of Water Resources, and I believe her account was either hacked or it might have just been a fake account with her name, she probably does not even know she has this account.

A lawyer without a job or a job one is trying to get out of, is like a lion seeking a prey to devour. The search for a job is not a joke, all your senses are up! Your eyes watch to see the latest job vacancies online or in newspapers or to spot the right connect for a job, your ear s ready to even eavesdrop on conversations where you have heard there is a job vacancy…I can go on and on but the main point is that your senses are alert!!!!

Earlier on this week, a “Mrs Rabi Shuaibu Jimeta” invited me to her network and I accepted, I checked her profile out and it said she was the Permanent secretary at the Federal Ministry of Water Resources. After I accepted her invitation, she sent me a private mail thanking me for joining her network and asking me how I was doing. On a normal day, I do not reply mails in my inbox that will lead to nowhere but for this Madam Permanent secretary I was willing to make an exception and so I replied her and asked her how she was doing as well.

The next day the conversation continued but this time it felt too good to be true, she said and I quote “Okay, this is to inform you that there is an on-going replacement of staffs in the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), in case you are interested or have anybody that can work with them; you let me know I will assist”. I already started imagining my testimony in church, if this was not God’s favor I do not know what is. So I replied a few hours later so as not to appear desperate and I calmly said (or in my mind I thought I sounded calm) “I am interested Ma. What is the application process? Would you want me to send you my CV? And to what email address? Thank you”

It still felt too good to be true and then she replied again “Alright, kindly contact Mr Abdullah their recruiter on 0802xxxxxxx, tell him that you are from me he will assist you to get the application form and also lead you through. If there is any inconvenience, don’t hesitate to let me know.”

“This just had to be divine favor” I told myself.

I called the Mr. Abdullah who corrected me when I didn’t pronounce Mrs. Rabi Shuaibu Jimeta’s name correctly and for some reason that gave me peace that this might not be a fraud after all. He asked me to text him my name and email address for him to send me the application form. I was so excited and he sent me a mail in 30mins, attached to the mail was an NNPC “Replacement form” it was signed and stamped by the Managing Director, at this point I already started doing a little dance inside. But to make sure I had a full testimony on Sunday, I decided to forward the mail to a friend who works at NNPC.

I got a quick reply “It is FAKE! admin@nnpc-group.org> That is not our website. Our website is nnpcgroup.com”…WHAT?!? No testimony…no job at NNPC…it wasn’t divine favour afterall!

I replied my friend simply with a “LOOOL!!! I thought as much! Thank you”. If only he knew I did not find this funny.

While Linkedin is an amazing platform to connect with potential employers there are a few people who would love to take advantage of this platform to extort vulnerable job seekers. If it is too good to be true it is simply too good to be true.

Now I think of it why did I think the Permanent Secretary of Water Resources would have any business with NNPC and their recruitment process? Hmmm

Have you encountered something similar? Please share your story under the comment section.

Be careful out there!

By #ReginaRex

6 thoughts on “I was scammed on LinkedIn…

  1. Abbey

    Lol! Ok…I know it’s not funny but the way you delivered the story was. Glad you were able to find out it was fake before it went further.

    I usually don’t take any job application seriously if there is no phone call. When it’s an email back and forth, that’s already a red flag. Typically, you see a job online, apply and if you are chosen, there’s a phone call inviting you for an in-person interview.


  2. Yes when it seems too good to be true then it usually is. Do not send money or personal details ever to anyone advertising a position. Banks advise frequently that they do not ask for Pin numbers or personal financial details by phone or email. Applicant beware.


  3. Ok. Mine is the same exact sorry.

    My connection Aliyu Yahaya-Gusau Director General at Budget office of the federation.

    I was asked to contact Mr. Kakshak Danjuma on 08179105203 or 08084876375


  4. Anonymous

    Wow….. this is really hazardous to my joy, i thought I have met a God sent angel, to help me get a job in NNPC, It all started thus, On 18th, Nov, 2015 I got this message after he has sent a friend request and I have accepted it and few greetings, his Linkedln name is SEN GBENGA BAREEHU ASHAFA.

    “Alright, this is to inform you there is an opening going on in the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) in-case you are interested or have anybody that can work with the you let me know”

    Then I replied thus on 21st Dec, 2015.;

    ” am interested Sir and I will be very grateful if you can be of help in securing a job there sir. I am sorry for my late response. its because I lost my tablet”

    then for few months no reply from him ( thinking maybe he is busy to check his linkedln inbox )

    now on may 17 i got this message:

    “Alright, kindly contact Mr.Kakshak Danjuma on 08179105203 he is the H.R MANAGER, tell him you are coming from me and he will put you through, do not fail to tell him that you are from me.”

    but I was unable to see the message because of busy nature of my job, on saturday I saw the message and reply thus;

    “Wow… Thank You Sir.. I will call him Sir, oh May God bless all your house hold, I will never forget your Kindness Sir, THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR”

    Now, on that night my heart says I should search for his name on google and I got his biography thruogh this links on wikipedia:Gbenga Bareehu Ashafa after I have confirm the authencity of the name that the Man is a current serving senator. my heart was so glad and I bust in to thanks giving song, speaking in tongue and praying fervently for the job to be accomplised.

    Ok, I went to church and our Pastor Preached about having FAITH in God which still gives me more courage to go with the call to Mr Kakshak Danjuma on 08179105203.

    But when I came back to my house, I was led by the spirit to pray about the Job and I pray against any forces that will not make the job to be accomplice. After the prayer holy spirit ask me to search for the name of MR KAKSHAK DANJUMA and found out that its a scam. But thank God I have not placed a call to him. Thanks Dude for this post. am copying this to my blog too to help deliver their captives.

    This Is my proclamation I will surely get the job there I believe and I have the FAITH.


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